Facilities and Equipment
LDS Shake Table
Shock and vibration testing can be performed to characterize materials, devices and integrated systems to determine if they withstand the most demanding conditions. AMAD facility is equipped with a LDS V850-440-T Shaking Table capable of 94gn sine acceleration peak, Velocity sine peak of 78.7 in/s, 5,000lbf sine force peak, 2 in peak-to-peak displacement, and has frequency capabilities up to 3,000 Hz.
Anton Paar Rheometer
Rheometry can be performed on various fluids and/or soft solids to characterize properties, such as the viscosity and shear yield stress. AMAD is equipped with an Anton Paar MCR 301 Rheometer which is capable of shear strain rates up to 3,000/min. This system is outfitted with a temperature controller, as well as, one Tesla magnetorheology cell, making it capable of characterizing materials under various magnetic fields, temperatures, and shear rates.
Enviromental Testing
Materials and devices can be tested under various environmental conditions. AMAD has:
  1. A unique underwater testing facility (built in house) which is used to test electro-mechanical and pneumatic-mechanical devices under water up to 50psi. This equipment can particularly be used for Forward Closure Systems. The facility is equipped with an underwater remote control camera and 3 stationary cameras with video capturing capabilities. Power to devices can be controlled with four motor controllers while data such as electric current, pressure, and time can be recorder with the on board data acquisition system. Need to add a picture for FCS facility.
  2. A pressure chamber (built in house) capable of 150psi that can be used in conjunction with tension/compression testing equipment.
  3. An environmental chamber with a temperature range from -200 to 800oF can be outfitted to both our damper and tension/compression testing equipment.
(1). Underwater Testing Facility

(2). Pressure Chamber

(3). Environmental Chamber
MTS Damper Testing System
Automotive and other type of dampers or shock absorbers can be tested with very wide range of high force (up to 25,000lbfs) and velocity capacities (up to 200in/s) with a maximum dynamic displacement range of 10 inches. Damper characterization and durability tests can be performed using AMAD’s custom designed MTS 852 Damper Test System. The MTS 852 is equipped with a T-slot table for installation of brackets and fixtures for subassembly testing.
MTS Tension/Compression/Shear Test Equipment
Monotonic testing of several materials such as metals, plastics, elastomers can be performed using the electromechanical MTS Insight Universal Testing System located in our facility. Tests can be performed to provide analytical data for research and development. Standard tensile, compression, shear, bend and many other types of tests can be performed. The MTS insight system has a maximum fore capability of 67,000lbfs with a maximum travel of about 45 inches. The testing speeds can be varied from 0.00004 in/min to about 20 in/min.
Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Tormach PCNC 1100 Series 2 Personal CNC Machine with CNC Duality Lathe
  • Grizzly G4016 40” Gear Head Lathe
  • 40 Gallon Sandblasting hood with dust reclaimer, operating with fine grit aluminum oxide
  • DAYTON Wood and Metal vertical Band saw, 12” 3/4HP Model 4HEW3
  • DAYTON Horizontal Band saw 12” 1HP Model 4YG30
  • Miller Diversion 165 Tig Welder
  • Miller Millermatic 212 Autoset Mig welder
With its software capabilities, AMAD can perform structural, thermal, fluid and electromagnetic finite element analyses for design and optimization of variety of devices and integrated systems.
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