Testing Services
AMAD offers a full range of testing service at our 6,000 sqft facility in Reno, Nevada. AMAD's experienced engineers will work with you to understand your needs and provide cost-effective and time-saving solutions.

Mechanical Testing
Shock and Vibration Testing
Damper, Performance and Durability Testing
Prototype Design, Development, Modeling, Simulation, Fabrication
Rheometry of Fluids, Suspensions
Environmental Testing
Structural, Thermal, Fluids, Shock and Vibration, Electromagnetic Analysis and Simulation


Shock and vibration testing can be performed to characterize materials, devices and integrated systems and determine if they withstand the most demanding conditions. AMAD facility is equipped with a LDS V850-440-T Shaking Table capable of 94gn sine acceleration peak, 5,000lbf sine force peak, 2 in peak-to-peak displacement, and has frequency capabilities up to 3,000 Hz.


Automotive and other type of dampers or shock absorbers can be tested with very wide range of high force (up to 25,000lbfs) and velocity capacities (up to 200 in/s) with a maximum dynamic displacement range of 10 inches. Damper characterization and durability tests can be performed using AMAD's custom designed MTS 852 Damper Test System.


Monotonic testing of several materials such as metals, plastics, composites, elastomers can be performed using the electromechanical MTS Insight Universal Testing System. Standard tensile, compression, shear, bend and many other types of tests can be performed. The MTS insight system has a maximum force capability of 67,000lbfs with a maximum travel of about 45 inches.


Materials, devices and integrated systems can be tested under various environmental conditions. AMAD  utilize a unique underwater testing facility to test electro-mechanical and pneumatic-mechanical devices under water up to 50psi.   A pressure chamber (up to 150 psi) and a test oven (-200 to 800°F) can be used in conjunction with mechanical; shock and vibration and dynamic testing equipment.
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